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LifeStyle TV to air Cisneros Media content
Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD), the global distributor of entertainment content of Cisneros Media, has announced an agreement with Playboy Plus Entertainment for the broadcast rights in Asia of Latin Angels Special and Inside Football.

Latin Angels Special and Inside Football will be broadcast by LifeStyle TV (LSTV), a 24/7 channel created by MATV and Playboy Plus Entertainment. The first men's lifestyle TV channel, it has attracted significant interest across Asia Pacific as it expands its network of carriage deals. LSTV Channel offers men's lifestyle programming on travel, cuisine, adventure and fashion.

“The deal with Playboy Plus Entertainment is a result of our focus on building an extensive catalogue of diverse content capable of fulfilling the needs of audiences in every region of the world, particularly in Asia, a strategic market where we have concentrated much of our efforts, spearheaded by Miguel Somoza, our Director of Sales and Business Development,” emphasised Cesar Diaz, Vice President of Cisneros Media Distribution, which has been distributing television programming for more than 35 years to over 100 countries and in more than 20 languages. “We are looking forward to continuing in providing Playboy Plus with quality programming that's ideal for its target audience.”

Lanny Huang, General Manager, Asia Pacific of Playboy Plus Entertainment, said: “We are excited to work with Cisneros Media Distribution, one of Latin America's largest programme suppliers. We have already received good response with our audience with Latin Angels and we are sure Inside Football works well with the coming World Cup event.”

At the forefront of the deal is the travel and beauty series Latin Angels Special, which is produced in High Definition (HD) by Sierralta Entertainment. Each show takes viewers to exotic locations around the world, following top bikini models, film and telenovela actresses, celebrities and famous Latinas. From beautiful white sandy beaches to exotic islands, each half-hour episode features glamorous swimsuit models posing for photo shoots.

Equally important is the sports programme Inside Football, a series produced in HD by Intuition Films. Focusing on the world of international football, the show presents in-depth coverage of the largest spectator sport on the planet and features stories about players, teams, clubs, leagues and stadiums from around the globe.


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