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Brand New Media and Clozette launch Clozette TV
Brand New Media and Clozette announced on June 3 their plans to launch a new fashion IPTV channel, Clozette TV which will go live this September.

The first of its kind in Asia, Clozette TV is a complimentary channel that features fashion and beauty content that are both locally-produced and internationally-sourced. The channel's content strategy is focused on connecting viewers with the latest global and local content that's popular and shared by key influencer peer groups.

With presence in six countries, namely Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan and Taiwan, Clozette is a digital ecosystem where content, community and commerce converge to enable brands to engage with a stylish, savvy and connected community. Driven by user-generated content, users may share, discover and shop fashion, beauty and style all on the highly visual and innovative social network.

Targeted at fashion forward ladies who love all things trendy and chic, Clozette TV will be accessible anytime, anywhere via any internet-connected device such as computer, smart phone, tablet or smart TV. Using Brand New Media's state-of-the-art ChannelPLAY platform, Clozette TV will feature an extensive Video-On-Demand offering with a wide array of how-to videos covering skincare, beauty, and fashion to success stories of the biggest style icons today.


ABC and Shanghai Media Group sign international agreement



Warner Bros completes acquisition of the Eyeworks Group


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