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ABC and Shanghai Media Group sign international agreement
The ABC and China's Shanghai Media Group (SMG) signed an extensive media agreement in Sydney on June 4, expanding co-operation into drama and children's programming, increasing co-operation in the sharing of news and paving the way for the ABC to establish a commercial base in Shanghai and open an online portal in China.

The agreement was signed by the Chairman of the ABC, James Spigelman and the Executive Vice President of SMG, Wang Jianjun in front of a high-level Chinese delegation headed by the Party Secretary for the City of Shanghai, Han Zheng, a member of China's national Politburo.

“This agreement with the Shanghai Media Group marks the moment when ABC and SMG can move forward with our joint plans to expand content and programme sharing between the two organisations,” Spigelman said.

“It will also see the establishment of a base in Shanghai to further both parties' aspirations to deliver a friendly and constructive international media partnership between the two countries, one that will actively promote Australia-China understanding and relationships.”

Spigelman said the agreement was made possible as a result of years of co-operation, including co-productions, content sharing, news exchange and personnel exchange between the ABC and SMG and was a reflection of the depth and quality the partnership had reached since it was established in 2010.


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