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KT, 문화예술사업 진출 ...
 KT가 영화 등 문화예술 투자사업에 적극 나선다.  KT(대표 이용경)는 자회사인 KTH(대표 최문기), 문화예술전문업체인 예투(대표 김규호)와 공동으로 문화예술분...
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"Keep Your Light Shining" licensed for Thailand
Global Agency's hit singing talent format Keep Your Light Shining continues to thrive around the world. This time it has been licensed for Thailand.

Keep Your Light Shining will be produced by Content LAB, part of JSL Global Media Group - one of the most credible TV production houses in Thailand. Content LAB is a production laboratory providing high-end long and short form media content to the world. They will be producing Global Agency's most talked about and most demanded new hit talent format Keep Your Light Shining for Thailand in the fourth quarter of 2014.

İzzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency and the creator of the format, said: “We are delighted to be working with Content LAB which we believe they will make the show very popular with their successful production. At Global Agency, we really care about the Asian market. By establishing this new base in Thailand, we are planning on widening our presence, increasing our leverage throughout the region, and opening the door to further expansion. Thailand is an important market where a big potential young audience live. So we are pretty sure that the show will be phenomenon.”


FOX Traveller re-launches as FOX Life


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